The power of Thanks, and Giving.

America and me are all set to be friends this year. We think we like each other. In the last few months that I’ve gotten to call this country home, there are quite a few things I’ve come to appreciate. The open environment, an acceptance of individualism, and a free-spirited, yet resilient mindset that this part of the world seems to hold dear.

And last night, I was fortunate enough to witness and be part of the much eagerly looked forward to the American ritual of Thanksgiving. Festival, spirit, tradition- call it whatever you might, I’m not even sure what the history behind it all is. What I do know and understand, is that it’s a time of year that celebrates emotions that we tend to forget, thanks to perils of everyday life – togetherness, gratitude and sharing. Gratitude for all that we have – the material things and the intangible relationships, memories and feelings. Togetherness of our near and dear kin. And of course, the spirit of giving, and sharing – love, time and happiness with each other.

I know that an entire opposition party to this might argue that you don’t need one calendar day in the year to celebrate these, but I would say that even if on one day, we can consider ourselves fully blessed, content, and truly thankful for all life has bestowed on us, without being stressed, anxious or worried about our future, or unhappy about what we haven’t been given, and regretful about things we should and could have done, then it is an achievement in the true sense. Positivity, festivity, and finding cheer and rejoicing even when its gloomy, and dark and uncertain, maybe that’s what there is to celebrate.

And on that note, even though I’m a day late, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


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