Of variables, constants & more.

Life is change,

And change is life.

And along the way, I learned,

There are the variables,

Things, places and people.

That find their way into your story.

To come, stay a while, and leave.

To never return, or look back.

For of the tale

They were a part, a chapter, a page.

That earring I lost,

and searched and searched

To never find it again.

The house I grew up in,

On which today stands a hotel.

That friend who moved away,

And promised to write back,

But never did.

The love stories that were to be,

happily ever afters,

But became tales of heartbreak and tragedy instead.

And then there are the constants,

Things, places and people.

That come, and never leave.

That favorite coffee mug,

You’ll always notice amidst the others.

That go-to restaurant down the corner.

The one that never disappoints.

That sibling,

Who’ll be the worst enemy

And the best friend,

All at once.

That book, you’ll always turn to

On the cold winter evening.

Mommy’s chocolate cake recipe,

The one that succeeds, when all else fails

The strangers that become friends,

To family, and maybe even beyond.

And sadly, these are always few,

And hard to find.

But along this journey, I learned,

That the variables are to be let go of,

For they had a purpose, a role to play.

Which now is past.

And the constants, held on to.

To be loved, and cherished.

And to be held tight.

For constants are blessings

Slight illusions of permanence

Amidst the ever changing.

Nurture the constants,

Let go of the variables.

But never confuse the two.

Nor over attach to either

or despise any.

For as I learned, they’re both imperative, 

The yin and the yang

The black and the white

The night, and the day.

And in the end, as we learn.

Life is change.

And change is life.


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