Postcard from Puerto Rico

Version 2
Pigeon dormitories
Roadside store
“So what if I can’t rent a store. Shop or no shop, the show must go on”.
“Let my shoes one day, Tattered, battered and worn out. Tell the tale, of my travels. Of the places I went to, the people I met, and the things I saw. For in the end, so much of that has made me who I am today”.
Sunset on the beach
The tree and the Tower.
Look far. Look beyond. It’ll tell you how far you’ve come. And how far you still have to go.
Version 2
Once a convent, today a popular honeymoon hotel. C’est la Vie.
Flood hazard warning
If only life came with such warnings. Spotted somewhere while trekking in the rainforest.
Version 2
“Why is everything so colorful here”, I asked? “Because we’re in the Caribbean. And we love color here. As simple as that.” David, my tour guide quipped back.
Closed but awesome
Spotted somewhere along the nomadic trail
Old meets new
Old meets new, truly. Spotted, a Starbucks right next to a traditional Puerto Rican cafe.
Days gone by
What once upon a time used to be a telephone booth.
Chris Columbus
Chris Columbus stands tall amidst the Puerto Rican skyline.
A quirky Puerto Rican alley
Jeff on his guitar, who not only agreed to pose for me, but also sing one of my all time favorites “Let it Be” by the Beatles.
Version 2
Glancing at the world beyond. View from the cliff.
Version 2
Puerto Rican Starbucks

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