This Woman’s Day, lets Thank the Men

Behind every successful man, is a woman.

In this era, where we’re fighting for equality,  and inclusivity, this adage seems passe. People support people. Gender doesn’t necessarily have to play a role at all. And I’d like to change the narrative to simply saying that behind every successful person, there is an someone else, or even an entire village. Especially because as a woman, I’ve been fortunate to have had the support of many women, and men, who’ve added to my flame, propelled me and driven me to rise strength to strength. And as much as I’ve created my own sisterhood, I’ve also had an army of men that’s played a crucial role in helping me to rise and create a niche for myself. And this Women’s day, I’d like to specially thank all those men. For as much as I’m grateful to the women who’ve acted as mentors, confidantes and friends, I’ve also been associated with men who’ve made me a more confident, stronger and better version of myself.

So the men whom I’m thanking this Woman’s Day:

1. My father : For making me his princess. His warrior princess. One whom he taught to fight her own battles, kill her own demons and be her own heroine, instead of waiting for some hero to do so.

2. My male friends : For the back slapping, the banter and the company. For making me feel part of the gang, never the outsider.

3. My male teachers & mentors : For teaching me lessons of life, I will not forget in a jiffy. For constantly sharing inspiring examples of women leadership and pathbreaking efforts, in turn, allowing me to dream of becoming a trailblazer myself.

4. My colleagues : My male bosses, for believing in me, for valuing my capability over my gender.  Male colleagues who’ve been great support systems, and friends at work. Who have only allowed to challenge myself constantly as a professional, and in turn sharpen myself in the process.

5. Global leaders : There are some great examples of male leaders, who’ve paved the path forward for women to gain access to opportunities like education, social and economic independence, that have only allowed to succeed in their personal and professional spheres.

In this era of endless stories about men that have exploited, underestimated, and even suppressed women, lets not forget the ones that have done just the opposite. To inspire and uplift women, you don’t have to be a female yourself. And to all the men that have practiced and preached this, I extend my sincere gratitude. More power to you, boys. For we need more folks like you in here.




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