About Me

I wonder what I should tell you about myself.

That I love Storytelling. And Creativity in all its forms. And community.

That I have a serious weakness for Shoes, Dessert and Coffee.

Or that words have been my soul mate for as long as I can remember.

Or that my blog, is the mirror to my ever evolving self. It isn’t just a place for me to put letters into words, and words into posts.

It is a voice. Not just mine, but of every passionate, curious soul like me who’s trying to find their own. unique perception of things. Through my words, I hope to inspire, heal and connect.


Why do I blog?

Writer, Blogger, Storyteller, Content Creator – call me what you like. From keeping a diary to writing little notes to myself to building a blog, I’ll say I’ve come a long way. All for the love of creating, publishing and sharing my own, individual views on the topics, themes & subjects I’m interested in. I’m no guru on any of the topics I choose to blog about. But I do like to think that I have a certain flair and passion for these subjects, and added to a knack for creating readable, enjoyable content.


And what is my blog, La Femme Akshita about?

La Femme Akshita (French for ‘That Woman Akshita‘) is my journal, my storybook, my little black book and my platform for expressing my thoughts, views & reflections, on literally, anything that inspires me enough. Its my way of documenting my journey through life. Expect content that’s versatile and varied, yet powerful and personalized.

I’ll sign off by saying that through my blog, I hope to inform, interest and inspire you. Tell me my writing’s been able to touch your life, I’ll know I’ve achieved my purpose.

So long,



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